Sunday 8 March 2015


After a night out on the lash your skin the following morning tends to be dehydrated which leaves the skin feeling dry and dull. From personal experience I know I have this feeling on a regular occurrence (I'm a student okay!). So here are five products that totally combat your hungover skin. And yes, I will be doing this tonight!

Dirty Works - Detox Mask
This product is literally a life saver. Whenever i'm suffering from a break out or just having a bad skin patch I go to this product without fail. After leaving it on your freshly cleansed face you feel like you have grown a new layer of skin on your face, pores are minimised and you really have that clean sensation. Best of all, it's cheap and available at Sainsbury's! I know Dirty Works have a range of other products that are created to fit all skin types. I actually use their hot cloth cleanser on a daily basis which i can also recommend. 

T-Zone - Spot Zapping Gel
Amazing for those pesky spots you have produced over night due to you forgetting to take your make up off. Blob the gel onto your target area and leave to settle on the skin, and over night the spot will be decreased in size, or completely gone! I got this from Poundland so it's very affordable for the job it does.

Superdrug - Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner
If you have read my blog for a long time you will know I have raved about the Body Shop's tea tree range. Unfortunately they ran out so I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and found the tea tree skincare range in Superdrug. Although the horrible scent (they've added peppermint to it, alongside tea tree?!) it works just as well as the body shop toner and I love to use this after a good cleanse to target any spots that are appearing.  

Garnier - Moisture Match (dry to very dry skin)
BEST PRODUCT EVER. It has completely transformed my skin and completely banished my dry skin. I have also raved about this for years and I still haven't found anything better than this. Boots always have an offer on this cream and I force you to go out and buy it and watch your skin change for the good.

Poundland - Argan Oil Night Repair Serum
So, I heard sooo much about serums over the past year and really wanted to incorporate one into my skincare routine, but the general price of them is rather expensive. I didn't want to fork £20 out of my loan for a product that I probably won't end up using. I have been a fan of the Poundland argan oil products for over a year now and I noticed they brought out a face oil..and obviously I bought it..loved it and bought 4 spares! I love it!! Plumper, healthy skin and I even have an even skin tone after years of suffering with patchy skin from scarred spots. Definitely try this if you can get your hands on it!

I'd love to know what your hangover skincare includes!
Emma x

Wednesday 25 February 2015

WCW - Kara Marshall

NAME: Kara Rose Marshall
BIRTHDAY: February 22nd 1992
AGE: 23

It's more than likely you will either have hair, fashion or face envy(or all three!)after spending time looking through her Instagram/Tumblr page. 

Kara is a model who was previously represented by the Chelsea Fashion agency, Nevs. She is now represented by Vision Models. In 2004 Kara walked her first season at London Fashion Week. Before becoming a model she attended the University for the Creative Arts Epsom where she studied fashion. 

I have the pleasure of being followed by her on Twitter and I can say she is a lovely, down to earth Northern girl (Who doesn't love a Northern lass?)and I would strongly suggest following her social media. 

Emma x

Wednesday 23 July 2014


I may or may not have forgotten to do a June favourites post..however, I thought i'd combine the two because i've been loving the same things over the past two months. Since i've been home for summer I've been working (hooray ££££)which has enabled me to hit the shops more often that normal. For a while i've been wanting to switch up my style a little (fashion, make-up, hair, and all that jazz), so here are some of my favourites. All products will be linked if they're still available. 

It does exactly what it says on the tin..a phone case. But I've been seeing a lot of pineapple print accessories around at the moment and this phone case caught my eye. At first I was a bit skeptical thinking that the case wouldn't stay white for very long due to constant use but the case is actually patent, so any dirt you can just wipe away. I wouldn't normally spend so much on a phone case but I actually had a voucher to use, but I just want to say if I bought the case full price i'd be very disappointed..within a week the paint had started to chip and the edges of the case around the phone became rough.

If you know me personally you will know how much I love One Direction. I was so excited to go to my home city and see them for the third time. After queuing for a total on 10 hours we managed to be about two rows from the front, we had an amaaazing view. Even though I could barely walk after the concert was over, it was totally worth it. They never fail to put on a brilliant show. And we also got to see the support act; 5 Seconds Of Summer, win. 

I FINALLY HAVE A NEW PHONE, goodbye crappy iPhone 4 camera. This had to be in my favourites. But yeah, new phone!

For a while i've been trying to find some pretty, silver layering ring that will match my silver watch. I found a set of three detailed rings in Forever 21; one was feather, another was a turquoise gem stone ring and the last one was a simple patterned ring. Perfect for everyday wear, I really suggest taking a look at the jewellery in there! (couldn't find the link to the exact rings!)

My first ever Mac lipstick, how long has it taken me? I wanted a brownie/pinky nude colour as I think that's what my skin and hair suits best. It's nothing too in your face which is what I liked, and the shine isn't as intense as a lipgloss. The colour payoff is wonderful and looks amazing with a tan!

I have been LOVING stripes..maybe a bit too much. Navy and white stripes are literally everywhere at the moment, and I may have bought every striped top on the high-street at the moment. The crop style tee is perfect for the hot weather we've been having recently, as it's nothing too clingy and actually lets you breathe. I'm a massive fan of the chiffon daisy print around the edging of the top, it just gives it a bit of detail considering it is quite a plain top. 

I cannot stop wearing these. I'm quite fussy when it comes to jeans as a lot don't fit me properly and go baggy around my ankles, but these fit me like a glove. Okay, maybe they're more difficult than normal jeans to put on due to the rips, but they add detail to any simple outfit. I've been loving wearing these with a plain white slouchy t-shirt.